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Seal n' Vac Storage System 5 bags and pump

Seal n' Vac Storage System 5 bags and pump

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Prevent food freezer burn and lock in freshness with the reusable heavy duty Seal n' Vac storage system. Seal n' Vac is a simple, easy-to-use, low cost solution to frozen food storage. The system is expandable. The kit is BPA free. UPC coded.

Each kit includes:

  • 5x 1.5 quart heavy duty freezer grade bags with easy sealer (9.1" x 8.3").
  • 1x vacuum hand pump.

Item #: 852454001221

12 Seal n' Vac Units @ $3.25/unit = $39.00/lot
48 Seal n' Vac units @ $2.75/unit = $132.00/lot

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