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Assorted At Home America Home Décor Pallets

Assorted At Home America Home Décor Pallets

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At Home America Home Décor pallets features an assortment of excellent items for your retail establishment or online store!

Each single pallet is between four and five feet tall, and have a nice mix of items from At Home America. There will be no more than 5 of one item per single pallet. If you're local, please stop by and build your own pallet!

Truckload buyers buy items by the pallet, but their entire load can be assorted by the pallet. 

The images shown are just SOME of the items that could be on these loads. Great for flea market or unique online sales items. Choose between a single pallet, or an entire truckload of 26 pallets!

*Please note that the pictures here are EXAMPLES of what our At Home America Home Décor loads look like. All pallets are in house.

Single Assorted Pallet @ $595.00/pallet
Truckload of 26 Pallets @ $450.00/pallet = $11,700.00/truckload

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